No additional workload for copying data – Sweb accesses your data directly via the Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (GSS). Therefore, you are always provided with the latest information, which you can access on-site and integrate into your GIS-database right away. Complement your documentation with pictures, individual forms or redlining comments - SWebApp will also save this in GIS.

Role-based authorization, configurable queries of external data sources, integration and plotting of additional map services and network analyses are just a few of the elements for your process solution.

You can use your valuable GIS-information for all areas within your business such as

  • Intelligence,
  • Planning,
  • Maintenance,
  • Analysis.

Easy access on Smallworld on all browsers


SWebApp does not only provide your GIS-data, but also information from other data sources on smartphones and tablets. Since no replicas are saved on your mobile devices, no separate system administration in necessary.

Basic functions:

  • Support of gesture control
  • Navigation in all familiar worlds, such as the geographic world, the inner world and the schematic world
  • GPS-based positioning
  • Search for operating material, addresses and similar data
  • Routing to selected operating material
  • Support of predefined work processes
  • Redlining functionality that is adapted to modern mobile devices
  • Capturing and modifying object geometries
  • Redlining
  • Composed documents

Using the offline function SWebApp can be used having an interrupted mobile network connection – without any interruption of the editing functions.


Satisfied costumers of SWeb

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