We try to step into your shoes and see through your eyes in order to be reliable companions along the way. We play, we try things out and we ask ourselves: How will you see, in the bright sunlight, in the darkest night, in the loud flashing light of a beacon? Where will your fingertips search first, where will your glance be? And most of all: does this happen in a way that enables you make your workflow become the experience of an actual flow? Of course, we do spend most of our time developing precise, standardized and secure software at the highest level for you. However, we always do so with the aim of providing a tool that will make your daily work easier and more joyous for you.

What clients say about us

>> We were convinced by the simple and self-explanatory operation of LineRegister. The system was stable from the beginning. <<

Harald Felsberger

>> New requests are implemented promptly and reliably by GRINTEC GmbH. <<

Bernhard Hodel
Transitgas AG

>> The efficiency and the customer-friendly service complement a comfortable package. <<

Jürg Bichsel
Swissgas AG

>> The constant quality of the information service, which does not depend on the person in charge, is an additional feature. <<

Günter Sallinger
Wels Strom GmbH

>> We value the flexibility and the customer-oriented solutions of SWeb and SWebApp! <<

Markus Bieri
Gasverbund Mittelland AG

>> There is no installation effort for simply operated functions, questions of users and the update of data in GIS. <<

Walter Obermair über Sweb
Netz Oberösterreich GmbH

Monika Ranzinger


Monika Ranzinger is the founder and shareholder of GRINTEC. She was the first CEO of GRINTEC and has been responsible for GRINTEC for more than 20 years now. Over the last eight years she has led several research project at GRINTEC and she has again been the working in the management in the area of finances and marketing since 2016.

>> We provide everything from project planning to constant system support from one provider only. <<

>> We rely on systems that have been tested and proven all over the world and provide solutions which are suitable for day-to-day use to the variety of demands of our clients.<<

Elmar Kranjec


Elmar Kranjec has long-standing experience in the area of computer graphics and GIS. Starting as a specialist for computer animation at GRINTEC in 1991, he later became one of the Smallword pioneers in Austria and managed and supported numerous GIS-projects. Before Elmar Kranjec became the CEO of GRINTEC in 2016, he was the manager of the service sector.

>> Wir setzen auf weltweit bewährte Systeme und liefern alltagstaugliche Lösungen für die vielfältigen Anforderungen unserer Kunden. <<

Our team

Stefan Wurzinger

Senior Solutions Architect
Workforce Management

Daniel Gander

Sales Director, Account Manager
GIS, SWeb, LineRegister

>> Dem Geld darf man nicht nachlaufen, man muß ihm entgegengehen. Aristoteles Onassis <<

Robert Kern

Support Engineer

Florian Heuberger

Senior Solutions Architect
Workforce Management

>> Komplexe Projekte setzen wir am besten gemeinsam um. <<

Christoph Hödl

Senior Solutions Architect
Workforce Management

Hannes Abel

Software Engineer

Admir Nuhanovic

Software Engineer

Rudi Pezzei

System Manager

Robert Breininger

Senior Software Engineer GIS

Amal Shehadeh

Software Engineer

Mark Held

Product Manager
SWeb, LineRegister, PlanTogether Projekt Manager SWeb

>> Freude an der Arbeit lässt das Werk trefflich geraten. (Aristoteles) <<

Gernot Hollinger

Quality Assurance Engineer, Data Protection Officer, Support Engineer
Workforce Management

Gerhard Pachler

Senior Software Engineer

Waltraud Bloder

Office Manager

Heike Miketta

Account Manager
GIS, LineRegister

Andrea Pany-Pósfay

Software Engineer

Sandro Arcidiacono

Senior Software Engineer

Robin Koren

Support Engineer
Workforce Management

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